Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Preparation to the Journey ! Life is a journey !

Peace, Journey To The East !!

Preparation for the 2nd International Mail Art Exhibition in Sanggar Olah Seni SOS Gallery, Baksil World City Forest( ),
Jl.Babakan Siliwangi.7 , Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

thanks Lenka, our cute 2yrs old baby boy was so happy and full of anergy helping us for the preparation.

The Vertical Pyramid for the installation

Toni Antonius and Budi Siswanto

Voila ! Here we are ready !!! Toni Antonius, Hassan Pratama ( Lenka's grandpa ) and Bayu Ubay

Toni Antonius and Wisnu

Tommy Dermawan, Wisnu and Irman, recycling the bamboo stick into small pieces of rattan for the instalation

Lenka, " how do you think about this? "

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