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Shu Qi (Chinese: 舒淇; pinyin: Shū Qí; Wade–Giles: Shu Ch'i; born April 16, 1976) is the stage name of a Taiwanese actress born Lin Li-Hui (林立慧). Her stage name is occasionally romanized as Hsu Chi (Taiwanese) or Shu Kei (Cantonese/Japanese). Her name is sometimes seen in the Western order as Qi Shu.
Was born in Taiwan and is of Taiwanese nationality. Has a "manic" acting style, which (unfortunately) has won her detractors. However, she has proved her acting credibility by winning the prestigious Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan (regarded as the "Asian Oscars") for Best Supporting Actress. She has also received a nomination for Best Actress from the Golden Horse Awards. Is currently going out with American born Taiwan pop singer/songwriter/composer/actor 'Lee-hom Wang'. Appeared with Jackie Chan in the wonderful romantic-comedy _Bor lei jun (1999)_('Gorgeous').

She was once considered to play the role of Jiao Long in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

Born in Taiwan.

Her (soon-to-be-fired) manager pulled her out of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" to do a commercial instead. Fellow Taiwanese and future co-star (in "Three Times") Chang Chen went on to play opposite her replacement, Zhang Ziyi.

Posed for renowned Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee for Kee's 2006 charity photo-book "Super Stars", dedicated to the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster, which consist of photographs of 300 Asian celebrities by Kee.

Jury member of the Berlinale 2008.

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