Sunday, November 28, 2010


ESCALA, the gorgeous electric string quartet who caused a sensation in the final of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent 2008, finally unleash their astonishing, Trevor Horn produced debut album on the 25th May. Fusing contemporary sounds with classical instruments, ESCALA boast the freshest and most innovative sound of the year and are destined to take the international charts by storm.

The quartet comprises four sophisticated, beautiful and intelligent girls in their twenties. These talented, dedicated and disciplined musicians studied at London’s most prestigious music colleges, becoming highly trained, professional classical performers. The four girls became close friends after being recruited as part of a large string section for a UK arena tour by boyband McFly, and decided to work together to create a new musical phenomenon. After entering Britain’s Got Talent 2008, performing in front of 14 million viewers on the show’s final, the band were signed by Simon Cowell to company, Syco Entertainment.

ESCALA are violinists Victoria Lyon, aged 25, and Izzy Johnston, 25. Chantal Leverton, a viola player aged 25 and cellist Tasya Hodges, 26 complete the line up. The ladies are deadly serious about their music, playing both acoustic and electric instruments and bringing stylish high-octane showmanship to their performances. With their unique formula of fun and integrity, the girls believe their approach will encourage many (in particular the young) to overcome prejudices about classical instruments.

A year ago, ESCALA were performing at private functions, among them a wrap party for X Factor and the GQ party at the Cannes film festival. Today, the quartet have been choosen to lead BSkyB’s television promotional campaign for the new Premiership football season (in succession to bands such as Simple Minds, Queen and Oasis) and the band’s first album will make them household names.

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